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Our Beneficiary


“Galesburg Public Library Foundation”    ~   June 2024                        Choral Dynamics is pleased to announce the beneficiary of our spring show, “Rolling In the Deep”!  What an exciting time to be working with the Library Foundation as we watch the opening of the brand new Galesburg Public Library! Along with other community organizations Choral Dynamics will be a part of the “finishing touches” for the new library.  Funds raised by our collaboration with the Foundation will be used to help enhance the outdoor space around the library.  Features will include an outdoor reading area, a sensory garden, trees, benches and picnic tables.  It is all part of helping the Foundation complete what will be one of the most beautiful libraries in Illinois!

“Galesburg Public Schools Foundation”   ~  December 2023                Choral Dynamics is thrilled to announce the success of our December show, “Sing We Now of a Christmas Carol”.  The Galesburg Public Schools Foundation worked very hard with businesses and individuals to raise money for the program book to help our schools be the best they can be. Choral Dynamics was proud to present the Foundation with a check for $9,150 to help address the many challenges students face today.  Great job GPSF!!

“Galesburg Noon Rotary Club”   ~  June 2023                                  Choral Dynamics’ partnership with Galesburg Noon Rotary was an amazing success. We were thrilled to present them with the proceeds from the program book sales at their August meeting.  As our beneficiary for “Raised on Radio”, Galesburg Noon Rotary received $11,904.00.  Congratulations!!


Choral Dynamics Board of Directors chooses a community organization each show to partner with as our beneficiary. Our unique formula allows local not-for-profit groups to apply to sell advertising in our program book and use the profit to fund projects and expenditures that advance their own goals. Over the last 48 years, over 65 different organizations have worked with Choral Dynamics to raise a total of over $638,644.00.

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