Our Beneficiary


Choral Dynamics is excited to announce that the beneficiary of “Celebrate Me Home” is the VNA, or Voluntary Network for the Aging.  The VNA has been serving the Galesburg area for over 100 years!  The services they provide are focused on promoting independence and dignity for people over the age of 60.  The most popular service VNA provides is the delivery of meals to homebound seniors.  This vital part of their mission ensures healthy food and security at home as an alternative to assisted living. VNA also provides transportation for seniors to help them live their fullest life at home. Congregate meals are served in Abingdon and Victoria where activities and educational events promote friendship and community. Choral Dynamics is very proud to work with the VNA as they work to support seniors in our area.


Choral Dynamics Board of Directors chooses a community organization each show to partner with as our beneficiary. Our unique formula allows local not-for-profit groups to apply to sell advertising in our program book and use the profit to fund projects and expenditures that advance their own goals. Over the last 43 years, over 64 different organizations have worked with Choral Dynamics to raise a total of over $571,764.00.

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