Heart Song Projects


“A TISKET A TASKET BASKET AUCTION FOR KCCDD”                                                                                                           Choral Dynamics is thrilled to announce our latest Heartsong Project! We are hosting an online auction to benefit one of our past beneficiaries, KCCDD https://www.kccdd.com/. Like so many organizations, KCCDD has been limited in their fundraising during the pandemic. Using baskets that have been created and donated by members of Choral Dynamics, we hope to raise money to help this amazing organization. KCCDD is dedicated to supporting individuals in our community with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  Each donated basket is named after a song, and includes items for every interest! The auction begins on April 9th and runs till April 25th. To bid on items, and help KCCDD, go to: https://choraldynamicsgalesburg.betterworld.org/auctions/tisket-tasket-basket-auction-kc

“ENCORE PERFORMANCES”                                                                                                                                              Our very first Heart Song Project was a Facebook Fundraiser  to benefit the Orpheum Theater.  On the Choral Dynamics FB page, video clips of some of our favorite songs from past shows were featured.  Donations were made through Facebook or by mailing a check. The response was incredible!  With matching funds from Choral Dynamics, this project raised $8500 for our beloved Orpheum.

“DIAPER DRIVE”                                                                                                                                                                    Our second Heart Song Project was a Diaper Drive for Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank.  The drive was conducted from November 14 to December 5, 2020.  Loving Bottoms is  a wonderful organization that coordinates the collection and distribution of diapers, adult personal products. and period supplies for families in need in the West Central Illinois region.  The project culminated in a “A Diaper Drive Through Drop Off ” that was held on December 5th at the Galesburg Methodist Church in the Kellogg Street parking lot. With support from our wonderful community, the drive was a resounding success!  Over 24,132 diapers, wipes, and period supplies were collected for Loving Bottoms!

“MEAL DELIVERY”                                                                                                                                                                      An ongoing Heartsong Project that began in February, is assisting in the delivery and distribution of meals to those in need in the community. The Tres Cafe restaurant in Galesburg has prepared thousands of meals during the pandemic and donated them to feed the hungry. Choral Dynamics members has provided drivers and volunteers to deliver over 1000 meals and to help distribute them. We also collected over 90 blankets during February that were given out at one of the meal pick up sites. We are so proud to help address this very pressing need in our community.


Choral Dynamics Board of Directors chooses a community organization each show to partner with as our beneficiary. Our unique formula allows local not-for-profit groups to apply to sell advertising in our program book and use the profit to fund projects and expenditures that advance their own goals. Over the last 43 years, over 64 different organizations have worked with Choral Dynamics to raise a total of over $587,375.00.

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