Our Beneficiary


Choral Dynamics is excited to partner with Altrusa Club of Galesburg as they strive to make our local communities better through leadership, partnership, and service.  All funds generated by Altrusa are returned directly to the community.  Since 1945, Altrusa has been involved in supporting literacy and education projects, as well as serving other community needs. Their support includes donations for scholarships to non-traditional students, school supplies for various children and charities, and mentoring for GHS North students. The club also supports many other community organizations including Safe Harbor, Habitat for Humanity, Knox County Prairie Kitchen and Knox County Child Advocacy, to name a few.  With their motto, “Service, Patriotism, and Efficiency”, our local Altrusa Club is making a huge difference in the quality of life for the people of our community.

Thank you ALTRUSA CLUB, for making our community a better place to live!


Choral Dynamics Board of Directors chooses a community organization each show to partner with as our beneficiary. Our unique formula allows local not-for-profit groups to apply to sell advertising in our program book and use the profit to fund projects and expenditures that advance their own goals. Over the last 42 years, over 64 different organizations have worked with Choral Dynamics to raise a total of over $546,7100.00.

Interested in becoming a part of Choral Dynamics?